Satis Mission
and Vision

Satis Mission is to feed the world through our global food system which is more productive, resilient, affordable, sustainable, and healthier. A food system that provides accessible personalised nutrition for everyone while preserving our planet.

Satis Vision is to lead the digitizing of food preparation and cooking, converting recipes into data to transform how food is produced

Horizon 1 - Base Technology
Empowering Humans with Machine Intelligence is building a virtual model of the kitchen by creating an understanding of the operations in real time.

This artificial consciousness interprets the sequence of events as seen by the core vision technology and applies intelligence to decisions and tasks through staff members- augmenting humans with machine intelligence

Horizon 2 - Digitization
Digitizing Food Prep & Cooking Kitchen Brain will automate a single kitchen to produce tens of different food concepts instead of a handful while maintaining a high quality customer service.

By digitization, Satis will have transformed a disconnected set of dumb kitchens into a network of intelligent and connected nodes simulating a massive computer network with a set of APIs.

Horizon 3 - Personalization
Personalized Food for the World will combine detailed food nutrition advice, along with demographic and socioeconomic information and create a personalized menu of food for every individual to improve their health.

We can then modify the instruction for the kitchens preparing these dishes to cater for differences in recipes.

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