Satis Kitchen Display System

No one wants to spend more money on a new KDS system! We understand that, which is why all our display monitors are a plug & play into your existing system. Minimal cost, fully integrates into your existing System.

However, if the time has come where your old legacy monitors appear tired and in need of a transformation why not consider an upgrade to the Satis KDS System of the Future.

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Satis KDS System of the Future

Old - Legacy

  • Complex
  • Difficult to Read
  • Static
  • No active intervention
  • No mistake reduction

New - Satis

  • Clear and Easy to Read
  • Actionable
  • Team members motivation
  • More productive
  • Fewer mistakes

Intelligent Order Prioritisation

  • Order queue time
  • Pick up driver arrival time
  • Items ready to be packed

Start packing an order

Instead of ending an order, we are introducing ‘start packing’ action
  • Flagging ‘in progress’ orders
  • Easier multi staff packing
  • Accurate live feedback
  • Finishing the order automatically

Packing a wrong item

Packing a wrong item
  • Accurate order packing
  • Reducing the need to rechecking bags
  • Happier customer

Automatically finishing an order

Once the associated packed bags are complete the system automatically closes the order on all screens
  • Speedier and easier packing for staff
  • Avoiding closing orders by mistake
  • Keeping the order on screen while packing action is happening

Bag to order decisioning

If a team member forgets to start and associate a bag to an order, our system can still correlate the bag to an order on screen
  • Semi association of a packing bag to an order
  • Re-associating a bag half way through packing
  • AI as assistance for staff to see what’s inside the bag