Satis AI Vision Kitchen Brain™
Camera Vision and AI Technology

Satis operates at the cutting edge of Camera Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning applications for use in commercial kitchens such as QSR’s and Cloud Kitchens.

Object Detection and Action Recognition

Satis AI Vision Kitchen Brain™ analyses cooking and packing processes from live data and gives actionable feedback to staff in real time.
  • Live data analysis
  • Real time feedback
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Object Tracking

Satis AI Vision Kitchen Brain™ tracks the movement of all items across multiple work stations and kitchen areas. Cutting edge technology that tags thousands of live transactions to provide actionable solutions in real time.
  • Tags thousands of live transactions
  • Actionable solutions in real time
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AI to train AI

Satis proprietary AI assisted annotation technology means Satis can develop Camera Vision / AI capabilities at a remarkable pace.

Once installed live streams from cameras broken into thousands of images can be captured and annotated to train Satis AI models for additional use cases.

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